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How to pay off your mortgage early (4 ways)
Oct 28, 2009 . These are 4 simple ways to pay off your mortgage early! . decades seem like an interminable amount of time to take to pay off a debt. . plan (paying a whole extra payment a year), unless we wanted to pay Citi $400 for it.

citi mortgage payoff fee and REO Foreclosures

Citi Mortgage offers a number of loan options to both prospective and existing homeowners. . renovations or repairs, or to pay off other debts, or for virtually any other use. . Citi Mortgage offers loan products with no fees and no closing costs.

citi mortgage modification problem

Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance
Feb 12, 2012 . citimortgage fha streamline refinance . Wachovia & SouthTrust alleging, among other things, that Wells Fargo improperly rolled attorney's fees into other types of expenses charged to . cco mortgage corp payoff department .

Paying of Mortgage bi-monthly
Dec 3, 2007 . I would like to pay off my mortgage bi-monthly for obvious reasons (reducing years paying off). I have received mail stating for a fee that I can do this. . When I called my mortgage company to discuss (CITI) they told me I .

Citibank - Servicing - Mortgage Refinance - Special Mortgage ...
or pay off your loan sooner? . The mortgage amount you have entered exceeds our online lending guidelines. Please lower your requested mortgage amount.

Use a credit card to pay off mortgage?
Pay Off Your Mortgage with a Cash Back Credit Card . certainly don't want to exceed your credit limit or charge more than you can realistically afford. . Another great cash back resource, the Citi Dividend Platinum card offers 5% cash back on .

CitiMortgage Frustrations :
Oct 26, 2004 . I got an automated phone call this morning from CitiMortgage; the . I was charge a late fee but with the usual delay, I was finally able to reach a rep. . TROUBLE is getting a payoff statement—have been trying for 5 days .

CitiMortgage Forecloses in Error, Wants Attorney Fees Anyway
Dec 30, 2011 . But CitiMortgage, which wound up purchasing the loan, started assessing late fees more than two years ago, refused to accept Gosselin's .

satisfy the payoff amount of the Citirnortage deed of trust. However, my office faiied to pay off Citimortgage deed of trust. I have not since paid off the deed of trust.

Citimortgage loan mod SUCCESS!!
I wrote a hardship letter and sent it via email to the CitiMortgage . to pay if we sell is interest in the amt of $6K, in addition to our payoff amount.

11/29/2011 Advertising/Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details X ...
Since July citi-morgage my new morgage co.has been calling me about that . I figured out my debt, home mortgage pay off, their closing cost $9000 and the .

I am suing Citimortgage.....follow along as I hang these bastards ...
I am suing Citimortgage.....follow along as I hang these bastards., page 13 . I either pay their bogus, trumped up fees OR I lose my home. . Your best option is to pay off your home as soon as possible to avoid paying interest .

Recasting/Re-amortization of Mortgage with Principal Prepayment ...
Jul 17, 2009 . I think it is a great idea to pay off your mortgage early. . Does recasting the mortgage cost you anything to do it? . CitiMortgage charges $500 to do so and you can do it once every 12 month period but the amount must be .

DIY Mortgage Acceleration | Wise Bread
May 30, 2007 . I have seen a lot of thes pay off your mortgage faster ideas, and to me, . charge penalties (I've got a mortgage with CitiBank, against my will, .


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CitiMortgage Payment
Know about the various options of making CitiMortgage Payment. . by phone or with a credit card are less common, but possible, sometimes with a fee. . It is an equity accelerator program that helps you pay off your debt sooner and build .


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Ripoff Report | CITIMORTGAGE | Complaint Review: 402856
Dec 18, 2008 . My current flood coverage is $20000 more than my mortgage payoff amount. Citimortgage arbitrarily raised my flood insurance to $154000 and .

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